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The word ‘Punaragaman‘ is a Hindi word (Origin: India), which means returning back or coming back. By this project we want to portray the impact of return migration on the Indian society and economy and found the word ‘punaragaman’ apt to convey the policies we intend to propose and link them to our main idea.

India, ranked number 1 as the country for Global Remittances (receiving country ) in the year 2012, has also been ranked number 1 as the country for sending the most number of migrants from the country in the mid-2013 (Source: Migration Policy Institute).This makes India the best subject as a country to conduct a study on the Impact of  Return Migration on the socio-economic environment in India.

We, The Team Project Punaragaman, aim to propose multidimensional policies, amendments and perspectives to mitigate the negative aspects of migration such as brain drain, care drain and reduced labor force in India and promote the positive aspects of entrepreneurship and increase in remittances to alleviate poverty and to foster an all round human development and domestic savings.

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